What is a Certified Pre-Owned Cars?

What is a Certified Pre-Owned Cars?

What is a certified pre-owned car?

The certified pre-owned car the word itself describes the meaning, the CPO is the previously owned car which is driven up to the 60,000 to 80,000 miles and older than five to seven-year. CPO cars have a warranty backed up by the manufacturer which has undergone severe inspections also includes an extended warranty, special financing offers and deals, and additional benefits from the date of service at any dealer across the country.

Who certifies the certified pre-owned cars?

The Certified pre-owned by the dealers according to the manufacturer’s specifications and requirements. The dealer also inspects the car in order to proceed with repairing work where required. The car has the full back up from the manufacturer’s end just like a new car bought from dealerships.

How Certified Pre-owned cars are different from used cars?

Rather than paying full price on acquiring a new vehicle, you can switch for buying a used car or Certified Pre-owned cars.

Let’s have a look at how CPOs are different from used cars

  • The Certified Pre-owned vehicles are thoroughly inspected and have the manufacturer’s warranty.
  • The used car is inspected and repaired by dealers certainly it does not matches the standard of the manufacturer and also it does not have an extended factory-backed up warranty.
  • The factory-backed warranty provides you all the leverage which you receive at the time of buying a new car from manufacturers.
  • Acquiring used cars from dealerships would not meet the standards of the manufacturer’s certification. You cannot have blind faith in their service and repairs to the factory standards.
  • The used car from dealers provides third-party warranties that are not reliable and not guarantees effective services and repairs.
  • CPO cars have rigorous inspection which means they have dealt with almost 60-70% of problems in the car and replaced the parts required.

How much Certified Pre-owned vehicles cost?

Certified Pre-owned vehicles are more expensive than the used vehicles as CPO vehicles have multiple inspections, damages repaired and reconditioning process. The manufacturer’s CPO programs offer huge benefits such as free maintenance, factory manufacturer-backed warranty, free roadside assistance, etc. Used cars are cheaper in comparison with CPO vehicles as they do not have any additional services by the dealers.

What are the benefits of certified pre-owned vehicles?

Used cars have their own set of perks so does certified pre-owned vehicle but they also have some additional benefits. CPO cars are low mileage used vehicles backed with warranty coverage and other extras by the manufacturers.

Here, we show you some benefits of acquiring certified pre-owned vehicles.

Huge Financing Deals

Manufacturers offer low-interest rates on financing deals. A low rate of interest can save you dollars on the total cost of buying a CPO.

Young and maintained

Low mileage and slightly new passes the criteria of entering into certified pre-owned vehicles. In order to lie under the category certified pre-owned, it should adhere to the mileage, age, and maintenance standards. Manufacturers allow 60,000-70,000 miles driven cars under their program.

CPO comes with extras

CPO have programs are available in both luxury and non-luxury segment. They have extras such as no-cost maintenance, roadside assistance, factory warranties, and replacement transportation when your car is in the shop.

Manufacturer’s Warranty

CPO cars come with the proper warranty coverage if any uncertainty happens it will be covered by their end. The major benefit of acquiring CPO is you can get service and repair at any of the dealerships in the country. No limitations of the single dealer for repair and maintenance.

Fully Inspected Vehicles

Manufacturers offer the CPO car and are responsible for repair and maintenance costs throughout the warranty period. The inspections cover the vehicle’s mechanical and electronic components, tires and shocks.


Should I buy a Certified Pre-owned vehicle?

Certified Pre-owned vehicles have a number of benefits that you can’t find in used vehicles or private sellers. If you’re looking for a like-new vehicle with low mileage, the extended warranty coverage in a lesser amount CPO is best option to buy.

Can we negotiate the price on CPO?

Yes, definitely you can negotiate at the time of buying a certified pre-owned car. No matter you are buying the car in the used segment, you can negotiate for a reasonable price from the dealer.

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